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Cecilia slowly opened her eyes, she was very groggy.  She looked around, she was in a dim hallway that seemed to wrap around a circular structure as to her right and left the hall curved away.  She was confused, she had spent the previous days being digested alive.  It was so agonizing, she felt her flesh dissolve in the snake as the crowd cheered.  She tried to move but realize the position she was in.  She was sitting on the hard carpet with her back against the wall, her arms were lifted above her head with her wrists shackled against the wall.  She groaned as she tried to wake herself up more.  Looking around she saw more girls lined up against the wall.  All of them like her were dressed in bras and panties of varying colors.  

“Hey.”  A voice said.  She looked to her left to see a girl that looked about her age.  


“I'm Nina.”  The girl said.  “You're probably confused.  You see VoreE visted my home village in the Philippines and offered to entertain the locals if they got a young woman to volunteer.  I was coming back from high school when they decided I would make a great 'volunteer'.”

“And what happened?”  Cecilia asked the brown skinned Filipino girl dressed in purple bra and panties.

“I got fed to this woman-eating plant they had.”  She said shivering.  “For about four days I screamed and begged as I was digested.  Outside people just enjoyed my wriggling around the digestion pod.”

“I'm sorry.”  Cecilia replied.

“Its okay.”  Nina replied.  “Next thing I knew I was here.”  She almost smiled a bit.  “I was shocked to be alive.”

“Yeah, I mean, how are we alive?”  Cecilia asked.

“Well most of the public doesn't know but their animals are injected with some kind of chemical.  Our bodies are broken down and turned into nutrients and- excrement.”  She shuddered.  “But some how our bodies and our consciousness, our souls I guess.  Well they get transported and reformed here at VoreE's headquarters.”

“So all the girls here were eaten and reformed?  Why do they do that?”  Cecilia asked.  

“To cater to their most elite customers.”  Nina replied trying to flick her dark hair out of her eyes.  “They have some rich stockholders who want a private experience with us.”  Cecilia gulped.

“Alone with us.  You don't mean-”

“Oh no not that don't worry.”  Nina said snorting.  “Nah instead you just have to worry about being fed and digested alive by a creature of their choice.  Then you reform again and are brought right back here.”

“So have you been selected?”  Cecilia asked softly.

“Oh yeah twice.”  Nina said sighing.  “This one dude had a thing for Filipino girls, wanted to see me digested by this translucent blob.  Wasn't fun, couldn't even really breathe that well as I was digested, only took about a day though compared to the time when the richest woman from the village showed up.  Wanted to see me devoured again.  This time to to a snake.  She seemed to really enjoy it; told me as the snake hooked its fangs into my belly that she would definitely be back to try me out with different creatures.  That took four days”

“Im sorry to hear that.”  Cecilia said as Nina shivered at the memory.  Nina took a breath and shrugged.  “So what are we, vore slaves for the rest of our lives?”  Cecilia asked depressingly.

“Not quite.”  Nina replied.  “The company does take some pity on us if not a lot.  They like to refer to us as 'volunteer employees' or perhaps more accurately 'compelled workers'.  Yeah they treat us like slaves when someone comes to select a girl for devouring, but we have a nice gilded cage during our free time.”

“Like what?”  Cecilia asked.

“The main building has a theater, gym, pool with a water slide, and the 'rooms' which are more like barracks each holding eight girls, are rather comfortable.  And eventually girls are usually released.”

“What- how people think we're dead.”  Cecilia said shocked.

“The company is huge, they have so many connections.  Your return is, I don't know, just explained and covered up.  Though often times they'll actually offer the girls a job and will always give you a decent sized check as 'compensation' for the hell we're put through here.”  Nina explained matter-of-factly.  “But you have to keep this place secret.  If you don't they'll just cover it up and kidnap you back her.  I've only seen it once.  This poor indian girl.  She is still being punished.  Apparently the punishment is to be fed and digested for a year straight.  As soon as you reform you are dragged back to be fed again to a creature.”

Cecilia shuddered at this.  “Ah after that.”

“Apparently she has already agreed to take a plushy position in the company and accept the housing and car they're offering her.”


“It's a way to keep an eye on her I guess.”  Nina replied.  Suddenly a pair of men and a female wearing company uniforms.  One of them carried an unconscious young girl.  She had light brown skin and dark hair.  She had light blue bra and panties as continued to sleep as she was shackled against the wall.  Once that was done one of the company men started speaking into his ear piece.

“Volunteer Elena is hooked up maam.  Heading back now.”  The woman smiled.

“I always find it wild when we bring in future girls.”  She said as the group left the hallway.

“Two new girls in one day.  That's rare.”  Nina said.  As Cecilia watched the sleeping girl.  Suddenly the hallway became brighter and the window wrapping around the hall became see through.  There was a group of men and woman in suits on the other side of an enclosure that had moss growing on it.  They pointed at different girls before apparently finally settling on one.  Suddenly a few security guards came in.  They walked up to a girl wearing yellow bra and panties.

“Oh.”  Cecilia whispered understanding.

“Poor Lin.”  Nina said as a southeast asian girl was led past them.  She trembled in fear as she was lead out.  Then she was pushed into the enclosure with her ankles and wrists bound in duct tape.  She hopped around as the creature appeared.

It looked like a large slug-worm hybrid that was five feet long and secreted copious amounts of slime. Lin hopped over to the window with the people in suits.  Her body was toned and sexy and the nineteen year old girl started begging to the window as the creature crawled to her.  She tried to escape before tripping.  She tried to get up but was unable too.  The creature crawled on top of her, pinning the brown skin girl with slim as it started eating her feet.  She yelled and cried as the mushy mouth covered her body is clear slime as her calves, thighs, butt were taken in.  Her sexy tummy was the massaged and coated in slime before it was brought into the body.  Lin's breasts were next.  Finally her sad face and arms were devoured by the monster.  

Most of the creature was a stomach.  Lin was in the stomach.  She made a silhouette as the body expanded to accommodate her.  Microphones caught her whimpers as Cecilia watched her squirm.  Inside the monster Lin started to scream as thick acidic slime covered her.  The slime pressed down on her and coated every pore and became more and more acidic.  Lin screamed in pain.  The monster digested slowly but its acid got constantly more painful.  

“Poor Lin.”  Nina whispered.  “That thing takes an entire week to digest us, but it keeps us alive the entire time.”  Lin's cries of agony could still be heard.  She tried to squirm but the slime made even that hard.

“Do we have to watch?”  Cecilia asked sadly.

“Just for a few hours.  Then they'll send us back to the gilded cage.”  Nina replied.  “Lin is going to be exhausted when she is reformed.  Poor Lin.”  Cecilia agreed as she watched the agonizing spasms come from the slugworm monster as it digested its prey.


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