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This is a prequel to "A Latin Meal", heads up digestion and a little bit of scat.  This was inspired by a yet unfinished story I read on a forum. Hope you enjoy

The class in Miss Grant's room was focused on the chemistry lesson in front of them.  Miss Grant was a rather tall woman, just below six feet.  She use to be a bombshell in her earlier years, but now she was nearing forty; she wasnt ugly by any stretch, but she had added just a bit of weight around her gut.  Her hair hung almost messily around her head in dirty blonde locks.  She was often serious if occasionally acting a bit eccentric about interesting- topics.  However she was a strict disiplinarian, so her students did their best to make sure they didn't do anything that could warrant a- suspension.

"Now as we'll see in the experiment that we will conduct later in class the battery acid breaks down materiel at different rates depending on what the material is made out of.  You will have a piece of pork, a piece of carboard, and a piece of sheet metal."  Her body almost looked powerful and she wore slacks and a blouse with a dark green blazer.  "I want you to write your obser-"  She paused as the door opened.  There another of her students lightly walked in and gently closed the door behind her.

"Good afternoon Miss Grant."  The class looked to see Luciana come in.  She was a beautiful latina with dark brown hair that included the fad of having the ends dyed a deep golden blonde.  Her body was shapely with muscular legs and toned core, if not very busty.  Which likely worked to her advantage as she played soccer in the fall and ran track in the spring.  Today she wore a simple tshirt with a pair of torn jeans.  

"And where have you been miss Hallego?"  Miss Grant asked setting her chemistry book on the front desk.  Luciana replied calmly, not thinking being late was to big of deal due to her reason.

"We had an experiment in math class with beakers and baking soda.  It got a bit messy so I stayed and cleaned up."  Luciana stood at the door but slowly started turning towards her seat.

"For twenty minuets?"  Miss Grant replied harshly.

"My apologies Miss Grant."  Luciana replied sincerly.  "It took awhile to clean up, and then I used the restroom."

"So not only do you think cleaning up an experiment is more important that being on time for my class, but you also decided to use the restroom without coming here first and asking for permission and apologizing for being late."

"I am sorry Miss Grant."  Luciana replied.  "I guess I just really had to go."

"Youre going to make me really have to go."  A couple of the students in her class flinched as they understood what their teacher meant immediately, while the school year had just started a few weeks ago some students had had Miss Grant before and a couple of even suffered her punishment before.  

"Wha- what Miss Grant?"  Luciana asked as Miss Grant walked behind her desk.

"I'm writing you up for being exceptionally late for class."  The teacher replied pulling out a yellow piece of paper out of her desk.  Luciana's face dropped.

"Miss Grant I said I'm sorry."  She said, her extremities shook just a bit from a bit of fear.  "I've never done anything to get in trouble before!  I always behave in all my classes!"

"You should of remembered that before you decided being twenty minuets late was acceptable."  Miss Grant said taking out a pin and writing on the paper explaining Luciana's 'suspension'.  "Maybe the next few days will encourage you to not be late in the future."

"But its not like I was skipping I was just-"

"Miss Halegos suggest you don't make your punishment worse."  Luciana was silent standing in front of the class in fear.  A couple of the students stared in sadness, Milly covered her mouth, the Filipina girl had been suspended for a couple of days by Miss Grant last year in her Biology class, she wasn't going to say anything that could get her in trouble now.  Daniel and Jesse a couple of Luciana's friends felt bad for Luciana.  Daniel looked almost uncomfortable due to the situation and Jesse felt bad, but also almost intreiged.  "Now come here."  Miss Grant said pointing at the front of her desk.  The teen latina walked forward, almost wobbling as she stood there for a moment as Miss Grant finished writing out her suspension sheet.  "Take this to Misses Hill in the front office and give this to her.  While there she will give you an outfit to wear to be consumed in and you will change into it and come back here.  You'll wait as the students who arrived her on time do their experiment before your devouring.  Understood?"

"Yes Miss Grant."  Luciana said taking the slip of paper from Miss Grant's hand with her own shaking one.  Miss Grant didn't show much emotion but she seemed almost to smirk knowing she held all the dominating power.  The beautiful student left the room, wanting to cry as she felt all the eyes in the room on her.  It wasn't fair, she had never been suspended before, she was always well behaved and got all her work in and got good grades.  She swallowed as she looked at the yellow sheet of paper.  

Teacher:Gloria Grant, Student:Luciana Halegos,
Reason(s) for Suspension:Student was late for class due to staying behind in another class without permission, and then proceeded to use the restroom before coming to class.
Day of Consumption:Monday, Day(s) of Digestion:Monday, Tuesday, Wendesday, Day(s)of Excrement:Thursday, Friday, Day of Reformation:Friday

Luciana wanted to collaspe and vomit as she read out how her teacher had written out how long her digestion would be, and how long she would be nothing more than shit.  It wasn't just humiliating, but also degrading.  Yet as she stumbled forward she forced herself to keep reading.  It was a legal statement.

The Bill S.5073 or The DIGesting and Excretion of STudents act or DIGEST Act states that teachers devouring students to serve a time of suspension must limit the amount of pain that the devourer can inflict during the digestion process.  While the voring of someone will lead to digestion that causes pain the US Department of Voring's Eska Chart of pain is followed.  0 is a very light sunburn, with 50 being exposure to a blowtorch and 100 being white hot molten slag.  The DIGEST Act requires that teachers digesting students must stay below the the pain area of '30' or comparable to a constant pouring of hot liquid wax.  Failure to stay below this threshold of pain during digestion can lead to fines, lost of liscense, and even criminal charges for misdemeanors.  Signing below is required and states that the devouring teacher has read and understands the DIGEST Act and pledges to follow it.
Miss Grant had signed below with a little wink added right by it.  

By the time she was done she reached the front office.  Opening the door she nervously walked in and walked up to Misses Hill.  A fifty something woman who generally acted a bit whimsical.  She looked up.  "Hello Lucy how are- ah I see you have a suspension form there.  Is that for you?"  Luciana could only nod.  She smiled sweetly.  "Well lets take a look."  She said taking the form and putting on her glasses that hung around her neck.  "Very well, four days essentially.  I love it when she puts a wink on her signature, though I guess thats ominous for you."  She pulled opened a drawer that was next to her and pulled out a two piece bikini.  Luciana was surprised.  "Please put this on in that bathroom right there, then put on this white dress over it."  Misses Hill said handing her a very loose white dress.

"O- okay."  Luciana said meekly.  She took the clothes and went into the small one person restroom to change.  The bikni wasnt super tiny, but it hugged her athletic figure.  The latina shook in fear as she tried to prepare herself for what was to come.  She then put on the white dress that was held up by spahghetti straps and  hung loosely around her.  She almost cried when she saw the word 'Food' printed across the front, almost like some sort of sick joke.  Composing herself Luciana walked out back into the officer and overheard Misses Hill on the phone.

"Yes indeed Mrs. Halegos her suspension is until Friday afternoon.  Can I give her clothes and backpack to her younger sister to take home today?  Okay great that will get sent home to yall.  Lucy will be reformed Friday afternoon, I would suggest arriving about a half hour to an hour after dismissal if that is possible.  Good- what was that?  No Miss Grant will probably keep Luciana with her during the excrement phase.  Some teachers send them home during that time but Miss Grant generally has her students displayed on her desk or on the chalkboard.  Usually it doesn't smell to bad.  Okay, thank you for listening, we'll get your dear Lucy back to you after she serves her suspension on Friday.  Thank you, you too, bye."  As Misses Hill hung up the phone Luciana handed her clothes in a folded pile to her.  "Thank you Lucy, and don't worry you'll be back to being whole before you know it."  

Luciana couldnt smile as she nodded and turned towards the door.  Walking down the hall in flip flops and the long dress she felt her legs turning to jello as her stomach did flips.  She wanted to vomit as she turned the handle to Miss Grant's room.  The class looked up as she entered, they were in the middle of their experiment.  Miss Grant spotted her and a very small and dark grin came upon her face.  Luciana stood still as Miss Grant walked over and put a chair right by her desk.  Luciana went to sit in it before Miss Grant stopped her.  "Nope stop!  You arent a student right now, as far as I'm concerned youre not a girl or human.  Youre meat.  Meat does sit down on seats wearing a dress.  Strip!"  Luciana shook visibly as she struggled to pull the dress over her head.  "Faster unless you want me to extend your suspension through the weekend.  Thats actually a good idea."  She mumbled.  Luciana however managed to take off the dress, leaving the latina standing there in the rather tight bikini with her athletic and toned body shown off in one of the sexiest ways possible.  "Flip flops too."  Miss Grant said sternly with a wag of the finger.  Luciana handed her the flip flops, leaving her barefoot.  "Thank you."  Miss Grant said patting Luciana's bare stomach and noticably rubbing it for a moment before stepping back and licking her hand.  Luciana almost collasped as she struggled to gulp.

Eventually the bikini clad teen sat down and watched her classmates perform their experiments with dread.  Soon her classmates were done with their experiments and they proceded to clean up.  Miss Grant came over and stood over Luciana.  She enjoyed how the teen girl shook in fear, and she had tear marks running down her face.  She new the rules of the DIGEST act very well, but it was hard to define pain level, and she enjoyed bending the rules.  Luciana looked up at Miss Grant, her eyes watering and her voice shaking.  "Please, I haven't gotten in trouble before."

Miss Grant bent over on her knees and licked along Luciana's shoulder.  The girl turned her head and almost choked trying to hold in her crying.  "I think you'll try to never get in trouble again after you experience a digestion with me."  She whispered in her ear.  Luciana felt her fingers digging into the seat.  "Now is everyone cleaned up?  Good.  Now class this last half hour you'll see the vore process in person.  Maybe you can learn something from it."  With that Miss Grant turned to Luciana and used her finger to signal for her to stand up.  Luciana moved slowly and tried to stand, only to feel her legs turn into complete jello, she couldnt stand and felt herself on all fours.  "Really Luciana stop acting like a toddler, stand up so your classmates can enjoy seeing her body get turned into food."  Luciana managed to get one foot under her while sobbing, only to stumble and rest against Miss Grant's desk.  "Tut tut."  Miss Grant muttered.  "My digestion juices get stronger the more annoyed I am, and you aren't helping yourself."  That was a lie of course, Miss Grant could easily digest Luciana with minimum discomfort, the discomfort of sunbathing an hour too long.  But she was a sadist, and she enjoyed eating the prettiest of her students when the opportunities presented themselves, and she so enjoyed their screams.  Shaking her head Miss Grant with surprising strength bent down and picked Luciana up part way and placed her where her back and arms were laying against her desk.  "I was going to ask if you wanted to be devoured head first or feet first, but your actions reminded me that future shit doesn't get to choose."

Miss Grant walked around her desk and actually got on her knees on it.  She placed her head above Luciana's, drool now freely sliding out onto the teen's head.  She looked up and whimpered.  "Please Miss Grant."  Miss Grant licked her lips and slowly shook her head.  With that her mouth expanded and she fit her mouth around the top of Luciana's head.  She moaned as her hair quickly became wet with saliva, some of it even leaked out and slowly traveled down her face.  She was disgusted by the slimy stuff, hot and thick.  She tried to close her eyes but her adrenaline kept her from keeping them closed.  Miss Grant meanwhile enjoyed the taste.  The hair obviously wasn't the best part, but it was like stringy sprinkles on a meaty fudge sunday to Miss Grant.  She then continued to move her mouth down Luciana's face, using her tounge to taste her face, enjoying the saltiness her tears left behind.  Luciana started to breath harder and harder as Miss Grant's mouth covered her eyes, her breasts rose and fell quickly.  She was quiet the sight in her bikini.  The boys and even some of the girls didn't complain about the presentation, even if they did feel bad for Luciana.  "No Miss Grant, please no!"  She yelled, inside the mouth her eyes felt her hot breath on her, it was almost completely dark with just some light getting in.  She was terrified.  She tried to shake her head but Miss Grant's mouth was too strong.  Soon her nose was taken in and she had to deal with the stench of her innards.  She moaned and cried as the rest of her head was taken in.  Her pleads could still be heard though as Miss Grant's lips sealed around Luciana's neck.

To Miss Grant she couldnt help but moan at the taste of the young woman she was devouring.  Young flesh taste so good, and her tone meaty body was going to make her stomach feel so good, but not before it put her tongue in a state of ectasy.  Luciana squirmed as saliva rolled down and over her breasts, sleeking down her sexy stomach that could of been crafted by michangelo.  THe sent ticklish sensations through the girl's body ad she squirmed.  Miss Grant decided to have some fun with Luciana as she "mmmmmmm".  She swallowed for the first time, Luciana felt the strong muscles ripple along her body for the first time and she gasped in surprised as most of her head entered her teacher's throat.  Now Miss Grant had her much more secured as her breasts and bikini top entered her mouth, and her tongue started to lick her ribs, making Luciana tremble.  She place her hands along with her hard fingernails on her stomach and wiggle them.

"Nomp-hhhahahahahamph!"  Luciana cried trying to wiggle her belly.  She failed, in the vore world it was highly debated what part of the woman's (usually) body tasted the best.  Of course people had their preferences, but the midsection was one of the most popular answers, if not the most common.  The shape was sexy, its meat tender, its taste exquisite, its sensitivity, well Luciana could attest to that last part.  "Nomphahahaphmisphagrantphapahplesmph!"  She called out from the darkness of the throat.  The taste (and Luciana's sexy squirming) drove Miss Grant up a wall and saliva flowed down Luciana's body, covering her belly and even some of her legs in a sheen of it.  Her belly was now slick and she couldn't help but laught and cry as her belly was tickled.  To Miss Grant it was just another power play to her.  She loved how Luciana couldn't stop her, how she would mock her as she cried in pain during digestion.  She loved it.  She wanted to dig in her nails and move so fast it hurt, and she did, leaving read ticklish marks across the brown girl's belly.  Her tongue lick her ribs and then her midriff as her mouth moved down her body, lubricated by the saliva.  At her midriff Miss Grant was obsessed with the amazing flavor of her midriff and belly.  She bit hard into Luciana's midriff, the class could see it and Luciana gasped in pain and kicked her athletic legs.  Miss Grant smiled and bit harder, Luciana moaned as she felt she would be bit in half as just a little blood came out of a small cut.  

Miss Grant finally released and swallower, engulfing Luciana up to her navel.  She felt her shoulders and breasts enter the tight and slimy throat and moaned as she felt herself pressing against the stomach entrance.  At his point much of Luciana's body was engulfed by Miss Grant.  Miss Grant slid her legs forward on each  side of her student and stood off the table.  She brought in the rest of her wonderful midsection before actually picking Luciana off the ground.  With another gulp Luciana felt her head and shoulders propelled into the steaming and sweltering stomach.  She wanted to gag, meanwhile MIss Grant just enjoyed the delicacy as she rubbed Luciana's shapely brown thighs as she lifted her saliva soaked panties into the air.  Luciana might of had the best ass in the school, and the class didn't complain as Miss Grant spent five minuets letting her shapely rear end slowly be engulfed into her teachers maw.  More and more of Luciana ended up in the stomach.  She felt herself being turned into the air as Miss Grant used her throat and mouth muscles to force her shapely legs together and straight into the air.  Miss Grant closed her eyes and smiled leaning back on her desk as she let gravity do the work from here.  Over the next few minuets Luciana tanned and meaty legs slowly but continuously slid deeper and deeper into the gullet of Miss Grant.  She tried to kick them but it was no use.  Soon only her feet remained, which Miss Grant tickled for a moment for fun.  Then with a final gulp Luciana was sent entirely to Miss Grant's stomach.  Or as she liked to think of it, her torture chamber.

"You were certainly exquisite Miss Hallegos."  Miss Grant said smiling and licking her chops.  "Your sublime taste makes up for your tardiness.  And that class is one way to punish a student."  The class simply nodded.  A moment later the bell rung.  "Very well students, see you on Wednesday, do you homework, it would be hard to fit two of you in here."  She said this rubbing her gut.  Once her students were gone she lifted her stomach.  There was a skin tight silhouette of the teen latina, her navel could be seen.  Luciana was cramped and terrified.  The heat was pressing, and her arms were bent behind her along with her lower legs, her belly was pressed against the stomach wall and she felt wet acids start to tingle on it.  "This is going to hurt."  Miss Grant muttered with a smile.

"Please Miss Grant dont."  Luciana begged.  "That law says you cant make it hurt to much."  As she said this she felt the tingling grow stronger on the her bikini clad body.  Acids trickled down her belly and into her navel, the muscle rubbed against her belly, almost digging the acids into it.  Her hair was becoming slick with them, from her brown roots to her dyed golden ends.  Her legs and back were likewise coated.

"Shut up food."  Miss Grant replied harshly.  "Im much more aware of the digest act than you are.  You be surprised how much pain I can still cause you.  Also do you know how many people have gotten in trouble over the DIGEST act?  Zero.  Oh theres been some investigations of course but it impossible to prove the pain tolerance level, and getting an investigation started is a good way to get every teacher in this school wanting to vore you.  Understood sweetie?"  She asked caressing Luciana through her belly.

Luciana wanted to cry and tried to maneuver out of her cramped space.  "Understood."  She moaned.  

"Good job meat."  Miss Grant almost purred with happiness as she felt her body starting to break Luciana down.  "Now I'll pack up and we can go back to my house and really kick off the digestion."  And did she ever.  Driving home with her gut was a challenge, it always was, but laying down that night to watch tv with a glass of wine while digesting Luciana's hot captive body was beyond splendid.  The first six hours gave Luciana a taste of what would occur over the next few days.  The acid continued to intensify, for the first few hours it irritated the cramp girl, but by the time Miss Grant was ready to go to bed she was moaning.  "Yes please plead and whine dear it is oh so nice to go to sleep listening to it.  Trust me, I know from experience."  

"Please Miss Grant its starting to hurt."  She wasnt lying.  The acid seemed to claw at her like red hot nails, she moaned and cried in the pain.  It felt like her skin was being eaten itself as the acids worked to dissolve her brown young flesh.  "Please I was only late to class, I've always been respectful.  Please it hurts."

"Its only going to get worse dear."  Miss Grant replied mockingly.  "And I would suggest you continue to be respectful after reformation.  Lest you want to end up back in there."  She smiled as she laid back and Luciana let out another cry.  Soon she was lulled to sleep to the cries of the digesting girl.  Over the course of the night the pain increased.  Now it was beyond just hot wax being poured on her, it was close to agony.  Luciana felt as though she had a blow torch held to her by the time MIss Grant awoke.  She looked at her gut and saw her burning captive and smiled.  "Morning dear, how did you sleep?"

"Please it hurts, its not fair!"  Miss Grant just chuckled.  Soon she was back at school and teaching.  Most of her students were distracted by the cries and moans of one of their fellow classmates.  "Oh god, oh god.  Mom please!"  By the time lunch came she was very audible.

"Now students for problem four-"

"Oh god!  It hurts so bad, please end it!"

Miss Grant covered a burp.  "Excuse me students."  With that she visibly sucked in her gut, this released even more powerful acids and push the muscles against Luciana, she cried out but the contraction stifled her even louder screams.  Miss Grant had to contract her gut multiple times that day, and she smiled at her class each time she did it.  Right before her sound was stifled you could hear and even louder scream from the Latina digesting in her gut.  Luciana cried and begged that night, Miss Grant let her, she enjoyed it.  Luciana felt she was being cremated in a lake of fire.  Her skin had been dissolved and now stomach muscles knead her abdomen, sending acid deep into her gut.  Her scalp burned, she cried but her tears did nothing and she legs started to have their athletic muscle dissolved.  She spasmed in pain but this only drew out more acids to acting what remained of her shapely body.

"Please."  She moaned.  Miss Grant sipped some more wine, champagne this time.

"I do so indeed love your squirm and moans.  You were very delicious Lucy."  Over the course of the night her gut churned Luciana's hot body.  She felt herself being kneaded down into nothing but protein and nutrients.  Vitamins and enzymes.  Her legs muscles were mostly dissolved along with her abdomen by morning.  And all she could do during the day was spasm and moan.  By the time her class came back up she was still moaning loudly, which brought two more contractions and more screams from the poor young girl.  

"Please- why."  Luciana moaned in agony as she again shook and spasmed from the pain with her few remaining muscles.

"You wanted to be merciful.  And I was merciful you know.  I could of made it so, so much worse."  She smiled as she pack up her bags and rubbed her belly.  The silhouette was much smaller than before.  "On that stupid Eska scale the pain is around a sixty.  But please keep moaning."  She chuckled as Luciana obliged her.  That night she drank some water and prepared for bed.  Luciana was only moaning softly now, little more than nerves and tissue being held together.  The protein from her muscles was all digested.  Miss Grant smiled.  "Would you like me to end your digestion?"  She asked Luciana.

"Oh- yes please.  Im begging you."

Miss Grant smiled.  "It will take about twenty or thirty minuets, and the pain will go from sixty to a hundred.  To you want to do that."  There was a pause.

"Please end it."  Miss Grant smiled and focused.  Her stomach churned releasing a sludge of acid that coated every pour of Luciana.  She screamed dementedly as Miss Grant laughed.  She couldn't move much but she screamed like a hundred banshees.  This pain, she didn't know it could be possible.  And it kept increasing.  It should of been a half hour of pure hell, but Miss Grant made sure it lasted as long a possible.  She made it almost and hour, by then Luciana had little left to be digested of.  Her soul was still around Miss Grant, she could feel her remains being pushed through her system as she slept that night.  She wanted to moan but couldn't.  She was simply an aura that suffered from a residual burning.  By morning there was little left in her stomach.

"My, my you're back in there."  Miss Grant joked patting her bowels.  She arrived for school and came in right after the bell rung from the bathroom.  "Hello class, I was in the restroom.  How are you today."  She placed a good sized jar on her desk.  In it was brown mush with a little bit of mostly digested bikini cloth.  It gave off just a bit of an odor.  Much of the class was transfixed by it during the day.  Still Miss Grant taught, even which she taped on Luciana's name and a picture of her to the jar.  Luciana meanwhile felt mushed and everywhere.  She wasn't able to focus much and the sights and sounds were blurs and mumbles.  She felt a light pulsating pain but could deal with it.  

The jar of shit was taken home by Miss Grant and brought back the next day.  Many of Luciana's friends were also transfixed, and a bit uncomfortable with the brown mush.  But soon the day was out and Miss Grant smiled.  She opened the jar as the last buses left.  She didn't enjoy the aroma, but chuckled at it.  "I hope you learned something from your suspension.  A moment later there was a flash of white light and Luciana stood there in her red bra and panties.

She gasped for air and fell back against the table in fear from Miss Grant.  "Did you learn your lesson."  Luciana nodded eyes wide.  Then another sensation took hold.  It was Luciana's turn to be in ectasy.  She felt her body, it was whole, and smooth.  She shook from happiness as she realized the pain was gone.  "Come to the front office."  Luciana submissively nodded and followed.  Misses Hill was there with her mother.

"Hey Lucy."  She said hugging her daughter.  Luciana openly cried.  

"Hey mom."

"Whoops I forgot your clothes."  She said patting her young daughter's side.  "Could yall wait here, Ill be back in a half hour."

"Sure."  Miss Grant replied.  "Just be quick or I feel the need to 'care for your daughter this weekend as well."  Luciana stumbled into a chair as Miss Grant and her mother laughed.  "Oh calm down Luciana your punishment is over."  She didn't say a word to Miss Grant until her mother picked her up.  She loved the feeling of being whole, but she never wanted to have to serve a suspension again.  

"I want to do something not painful this weekend."  Her mother chuckled.
Vore World:Tardiness Means Suspension
Luciana helped out a teacher but is now late for class.  She doesnt think thats a big deal.  But in the Vore World that most certainly is.  


United States
Wow I just checked, 42000 page views and over 100 watchers.  Crazy.  Well you guys deserve something.  I cant promise you when it will get done but lets have a vote.  Comment whether you want a 

Vore Story
Abduction Story
Or a mix of Both

Once that is decided Ill ask for recommendations and I try to type something out.  

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