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Shingen Yashida was angry, his inheritance, his birthright was being taken away.  His father was on his deathbed, yet he was leaving his company, the most powerful company in Asia to his granddaughter, his daughter Mariko.  He had to correct this.  He had to get his daughter out of the way.  Looking up he saw a women approach.  She was tall, thin, blonde, a foreigner.  But he had discovered her secrets.

“Mrs. Green.”  He said looking at her.

“Mister Yashida.”  She replied with a smile.  “You have my condolences on your father's condition.”

“Let us cut to the chase.”  He said standing up from his chair.  He looked around to make sure they were alone.  “You got the email I sent you I assume.”

“Why yes I did.”  She said smiling.

“And I assume you have a solution to my problem.”  He said

The women continued to smile as she walked forward towards him.  “If I do this I want something.”  She said.

“The email told you what I can provide you.  Much more than my father.”

“Yes yes.”  She said rolling her eyes.  “I want something more.”

“Yes?”  Yashida asked.

Mariko stepped off the bullet train in Kyoto.  Her grandfather had passed away, and she was expected to take over the company.  She felt overwhelmed as was worried.  The funeral had been nice.  Afterward her grandfather's friend had left to go to some other place.  Yukio who was one of the few people she considered family had been sent by her father to track down an old business associate of his in France.  She felt alone.

Walking through the city she continued to her apartment.  She took her usual route.  She yawned as she cut through a dark alleyway like she usually did as a shortcut.  She looked forward to getting to her apartment and taking a nap.  She didn't pay any heed the van parked in the alleyway, she didn't see anyone in it.  She was taken by total surprise when the door suddenly opened as she passed it.  Three men grabbed her and through her into the van.  She felt a cloth smothered on her face before she blacked out.

She awoke.  Sweat had plastered her dark shoulder length hair onto her neck.  Looking around she realized she was slumped in a chair.  She wasn't restrained and tried to rise, but found she was to disoriented to.  Looking around she realized she was in a large facility somewhere.  As she felt her orientation coming back she stood up, only to hear footsteps behind her.  

“Mariko!”  She turned around to see her father walk towards her, along with that blonde hair scientist that her grandfather had gotten to try to help him.  

“Father?”  She asked confused.  Slowly her memory was returning.  “What happened?”  Her father and the scientist just looked at her.

“Follow me Mariko, Ill explain.”  He came over and forcibly grabbed her arm and lead her through the facility.

“What is this place.”  She asked her father and the green clothed woman.

“A facility your grandfather built.  It is in the mountains.”  Her father replied.

“Why am I here?”  She asked.

“Silence, I will explain in a minuet.”  Her father said sternly.  She was lead for a few more minuets until they walked into a room.  It had dim lightning with a window overlooking the floor below along with red carpet.  Her father released her.  

“Sweet, sweet Mariko.”  The woman said walking slowly around Mariko.

“What is going on!”  She said confused and scarred.  

“Mariko.”  Her father said smiling and patting her shoulder.  “Do you see that out the window?”  Mariko turned around and saw a strange large looking suit.

“What is that?”  She muttered.

“A project of your grandfather.”  The green woman replied.  “He's in there.”

“No he's not!  I buried my grandfather.”  She replied shocked by her words.  The other woman smiled.

“No that was an empty casket.  Your grandfather is in there.  He paid me to make a suit that would keep him alive.  He should have been more specific.  He's still alive, but in a permanent comatose until we decided what to do with him.”

“Why?”  Mariko asked softly.

“Because he gave you what was rightfully mine.”  Her father said stepping slowly towards Mariko.  She backed up into the window.  “I worked for years, I made this company what it is today.”

“What do you want?”  Mariko asked nervously, her body pressed against the window.

“His will give the company to you, but if you were to disappear I would take over the company.”


“With you gone I will rule from the shadows, with this company as my weapon.”

“Please.”  Whispered Mariko as her father stepped closer to her.  Suddenly he stopped.

“But I need a way for you to disappear.”  He pointed at the Scientist.  “She has a way.”  The other woman smiled and lifted up Mariko's head with her finger.  She smiled evilly at the Japanese woman.

“Don't fret dear.”  She said smiling.  She point a finger in her mouth, when she pulled it out a sizzle could be heard coming from her fingernail.  She quickly traced it down Mariko's blue sweater and jeans.  A second later Mariko gasped as her clothes fell apart and fell to the ground in taters, leaving her in only strapless bra and panties.  Her eyes widen, turning around she started pounding against the window and yelling, trying to get someone's attention.

“Oh dear they can't see you, the window only works one way.”  The woman said mockingly.  “And this room is sound proof.  Its just us three.”  Mariko pounded the window and couple of more times before she hung her head and felt tears form in her eyes.  The other woman grabbed her by the waist, making Mariko jumped.  “Ticklish and delicious I see.”  The other woman said smiling as she started to run her hard fingernails over Mariko's sides and tummy.  Mariko screamed and squirmed as her barely covered body was tickled by the other woman.  She was thrown on a bed in the room.

Tears rolled down Mariko's face as the other woman's fingernails left red marks all around her midsection, the other woman was much stronger than her and pinned her wherever she wanted, Mariko was at her mercy.

“Father stop this!”  She called out trying to escape the other woman's demeaning torture.  

“I think your father is enjoying this.”  The other woman said as she flipped Mariko over on her belly, pinning her fingernails between Mariko's soft and athletic tummy, and the mattress, forcing the nails deeper into her soft skin.

“Nohahano!”  Mariko cried out.  Finally it stopped.  It took a moment for Mariko to catch her breath.  She looked up to see the woman and her father smiling mockingly at her.  

“I like to play with my food.”  The woman said with a grin.

Mariko groaned.  “Please father what do you want?”

“For miss Green to finish you.”  He looked at the woman who smiled.  Slowly, seductively she walked over to the helpless Mariko.  She whimpered as the other woman pulled her to her feet, she was to tired to fight back.  

“I could make a poison to paralyze you trying to save yourself is so much more satisfying.  

“Wha- what are you?”  Mariko asked trembling.

“You can call me green, or a mutation.  Or a viper.”  She sent her long tongue out, sensing Mariko's taste, the trembling girl made her mouth water.  She turned to Mariko's father.  “I'm about to start if you want to leave.”  The man smiled.

“No, no I want to watch this.”  He said grinning and sitting down in a chair.

The woman shrugged looking back at Mariko she smiled as there was a click and the woman unhinged her jaws.  Mariko's eyes became wide as she saw the Viper's mouth become impossibly large.  She shook but the Viper held her arms firmly.  She was to terrified to move as she looked into the terrible maw, she could see the saliva smell the woman's horrible breath.  She looked at her father.  “Father please!”  She begged.  “Father.”  She looked back and forth, soon she was just shaking her head, shaking in terror.  “No please!  Father it's yours the company is yours.  Please stop this!”  Her father just leaned back and smiled as he remembered him and the Viper's previous discussion.  

“What do you want.”  The man asked.  The Viper leaned in and smiled.

“I want your daughter.”  She said still smiling.  The man was confused.

“What do you mean?”  He asked.  “Do you want me to get some slavers to kidnap her and sell her to you?  That can be done just give me a day-”  The woman held up her had.  Slowly her jaw expanded making the man back up against the wall.  After a moment the women closed it and grinned, showing off her teeth.

“You said you knew what I was.”  The man nodded.  The Viper then took out a protein bar from her pocket and swallowed it hole.  She traced its path with her finger.  “I've seen your daughter Mister Yashida.  I want her.”

Mariko's father was happy to obliged.  He watched as the young Japanese woman lifted into the air.  “No stop!  It's yours father, its yours!”  Mariko tried to wiggle out of the Viper's grasp, this made the other woman even happier as tears rolled down Mariko's cheeks.  Viper flicked out her tongue, licking the tears.  Mariko whimpered as her head was put into the other woman's mouth.  The Viper let out an audible 'hmmmm' as her lips sealed around Mariko's neck.  The rest of Mariko's body continued to squirm as the Viper tasted the young woman's head and slurped in the rest of her hair.  Meanwhile she ran her fingernails over the rest of Mariko's mostly exposed body.  Mariko kept in shape, and the Viper loved the feeling of her skin.

After a moment she too her first gulp.  Mariko squealed as her head was forced into the throat, her fact forming a silhouette as it bulged out of the neck.  Her father saw this and smiled, leaning forward as he enjoyed the show.  The Viper ran her hands over Mariko's midsection as she swallowed again, bringing in Mariko's shoulders.  The next swallow brought in Mariko's strapless light tan bra.  The Viper's tongue was flying, enjoying every inch of her victim's skin.

Next she slowly sucked in Mariko's midsection.  He tongue was like a pin, drawling along Mariko's nice tummy and sides.  Ticklish sensations was sent down her body, making her squirm.  Her legs kicked and fluttered.  The Viper slapped Mariko's thigh leaving a red stinging mark before she grabbed her ankles, making it hard to move her legs.  Meanwhile she continued to suck on Mariko's belly, loving the succulent taste of her body.  He tongue wrapped around and ran up and down her midsection, she salivated while eating her midsection soaking her body in saliva.  Mariko continued to squirm.  Then the tongue dove into Mariko's navel, making the girl buck and kick her legs together.  The Viper let out an audible if muffled chuckle, which Mariko's father reciprocated.  

Using her teeth to scrap along Mariko's belly she continued to 'mmmmmm' before she finally moved on and brought in Mariko's pantie clad bum.  The Viper loved her meal.  Meanwhile Mariko continued to squirm even though she realized it was hopeless.  Mariko's head was nearing the stomach, the smell was putrid and whimpered.  She was desperate to escape, but was unable to.  She grunted in pain as the Viper slapped her thighs, making the soft skin tender before she swallowed them in as well.  At this point the Viper lifted Mariko's legs in the air.  

Slowly her legs were slurped down.  Her delicious thighs disappeared, followed by her shapely calves.   Then only Mariko's ankles and feet were still outside of the Viper's body.  Her feet wiggled, almost saying goodbye to the world.  The Viper scratched her fingers on her feet, one last mocking action to Mariko as she slowly swallowed it.  Then with one last gulp she sent the poor girl to her stomach.

“Excuse me.”  The Woman said, covering her mouth as she let out a small burp.  She looked over the Mariko's father who rose to his feet and was clapping.

“Well done.”  The Man said.  He looked down and the blonde lifted up her shirt.  She looked at the man motioning for him to look.  Mariko could be seen, the front of her body was pressed tightly against the skin making a perfect skintight silhouette; even her hair and navel could be seen.  “Now you get rid of her correct?”  The Woman nodded.  The man bent down and patted Mariko's tummy, through a tummy.  “Good bye my daughter.”  He said mockingly.  “I'm sorry to turn you into a meal while you were still only twenty, but you were in my way.”  He smiled as his daughter struggled and squirmed in her tight coffin.

“Ill be done with the digestion in about three or four days.  You know where to find me until then.”  The Viper said as she wobbled over to the bed a laid on it.  The father nodded as he turned and left the room smiling.  Meanwhile inside the stomach Mariko was barely able to move.  There was barely any light to see, it smelled and she started to feel a tingle on her body.  She moaned as she realized what was going to happen.

“Oh do you not want to be digested alive.”  The Viper said mockingly patting her stomach.  Acid coated Mariko's body.  It started to burn, her body was covered in it.  Acid ran down her hair, trickled and socked into the soft skin of her belly and filled her navel.  Her thighs were marinated and she had to close her eyes to protect them.  It started to burn more and more, the pain worsened.

“Please don't.”  She begged.

“But digestion is my favorite part.”  The other woman said smiling.  A moan was Mariko's answered.   Her body burned and the pain was becoming excruciating.  Meanwhile the Viper's mutation allowed her to taste Mariko by doubling her stomach acids and tastebuds.  She tasted every inch of Mariko's sexy body.  It was ecstasy for her.  The next few hours were great as Mariko moaned in pained and squirmed in the tight confines of the stomach.

“No, no,no.”  She moaned, she felt the digestive juices slowly breaking her down.  She cried out in pain as her skin was slowly dissolved.

“Don't be so melodramatic, it feels great to me.”  The Viper replied with a smile.  The first day was excruciating to Mariko.  She was forced to squirm and moan.  The skin on her thighs and midsection was slowly disappearing in spots.  She cried out in agony, desperate for an escape.  Meanwhile the Viper leaned back on the bed and enjoyed her sleep were her dreams continued to feel her with the taste of Mariko.  She enjoyed Mariko's squirms and moans.

The next day she decided to read a scientific journal as she continued to digest Mariko.  Most of the top layer of her skin was dissolved, exposing her toned muscles underneath.  She moaned and begged which made the Viper grin and laugh.  The silhouette in her stomach was becoming smaller as she slowly digested Mariko.  

“Please.”  Mariko moaned at the start of the third day.

“Shhh.”  The Viper said.  “Man I do love Japanese food.”  Mariko screamed again as the Viper's stomach gurgled, sending the proteins and carbs from Mariko into her intestines and the stomach released more acids to attack the more durable parts of her body.  It was hell to Mariko, the pain kept her from sleeping, it felt like she was submerged into molten slag.  She couldn't believe her father had done this to her just so he could have control of the company.  She never wanted it anyways.  As the day went on she could only moan, her abdominal muscle was broken down into nothing, he thighs had all but disappeared along with her calves.  The only thing not digestible was her hair.  

“Still digesting huh, youre a spirited one.”  The Viper said as her stomach gave another gurgle.  Mariko felt her skin and muscles turned into proteins.  She felt the acid seep through her skin.  She felt it seep into her intestines and could see that her ribs were becoming exposed.  She was overcome with pain and she screamed again in agony.  “Very spirited.”  Was the Viper's response.  She enjoyed the digestion of her hot captive's body.

Mariko lasted another night.  She moaned constantly, much of her muscle was gone.  Finally with one last moan she finally drifted off, which was her only wish at that point.  The Viper looked down and drubbed her belly.  Her stomach was slowly pushing the now lifeless body into a smaller space.  When she awoke her belly only had the bump of a volleyball.  She smiled as over the course of the day it got smaller.  With one last gurgle she smiled.  The digestion was over.  

Mr. Yashida walked in.  “Is she gone?”  He asked smiling.  The Viper patted her belly and smiled as she stretched.  All the protein from Mariko made her muscles that much stronger.  

“She was quiet a delight.”  She replied.

“I'm sure you'll need to use the bathroom after that.”  The man replied.

“Actually bring me a tub, a girl as sweet tasting as Mariko deserves a better resting place than the sewers.”  The man shrugged and had a man bring a rather large plastic tub, he left to let the Viper answer the call of nature.  He looked over the facility, he was now in charge, he now had the power, his birthright.

“It's finally mine.”  He muttered.  After a moment the Viper walked out, she felt considerably lighter.  

“That was well worth joining you.”  The Woman said smiling.  “Have anyother targets?”  The Viper asked smiling.

“Well there is this rival company in Mexico- perhaps if one of the CEO's teenage daughter's went missing I would think he would get the message.”

The Viper smiled.  “I think this is the start of a beautiful partnership.”  She turned and walked away, she looked over her shoulder.  “I'll bring her back here, I figure you'll want to watch.”
A Viper's Meal
I watched The Wolverine today and was inspired by the Viper's character to make this.  I decided that in this case the story took a different route with the Viper having another ability.   


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