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Gloria yawned as she woke up from her afternoon nap.  At forty years old she was a very well respected employee for boundoggle.  When enslavement first became legal again she was in her twenties and joined up to gain an exemption.  For years she used her puerto rican looks and charms to woo females, even those that usually wouldn't bat that way.  She had made the company a lot of money and she was promoted several times.  Now she was a local director, but she still liked to go out and hunt every once in a while for the sheer thrill of enslave some young gal.  She took away a promising future and in its place gained a large capture fee.  She had become very wealthy.  Standing up and walking outside she saw her daughter Jasmine.  She looked a lot like her, the puerto rican beauty, toned body, athletic figure, proportional curves that everyone loved.  Almond eyes and dark brown hair that was almost black.  Right now she was sunbathing on their patio by the pool, enjoying the sun rays hitting her flawless brown skin that was a smooth as silk.

"Hey Jasmine."  She said stretching outside.  Her daughter looked up at her, she had just turned 18 the week before and she soaked up the sun in a two piece bikini.  Her legs were thick and athletic from softball season, she as the team captain for her senior year.  Her midsection was sexy and flawless, and the rest of her body was atheltic.  Her grades were good two.  A mostly A student hoping to major in archaeology.  

"Hey mom, enjoy your nap?"  She asked sweetly.

"Yeah."  Gloria replied chuckling.  "Be careful laying out here like that.  You're 18 now, if it wasn't for me someone could sell you to boundoggle.  The average girl these days in thirty grand, but you would probably pass fifty."  She added a wink.

"Mom really."  She rolled her eyes.  Jasmine was an abolitionist who disagreed with her mother's work.  But she no doubt appreciated the protection.  

"What.  Heck I bet I could give you to Billy directly for forty grand."  Gloria replied chuckling referring to her boyfriend that was another local boundoggle manager.

"He would probably love that idea."  Jasmine replied with a snort.  It was no secret that Billy would love to see her enslaved, and often 'joked' about it.  Jasmine hated it and was not on speaking terms with Billy over it, but her mom told her to lighten up.  

"Now now dont be so harsh."  Gloria replied smirking.

"He wants to see me caught and sold off at an auction as a sex slave.  Hell he would do his best to purchase me mom!"  She replied crossing her arms.  Gloria shrugged.

"At least then I could convince him to let you stay here."  Gloria replied chuckling.

"Its not funny mother.  Im planning on going to college and being successful.  Not some rich creep's plaything."  She looked at her mother and lowered the glasses.  "And I'm worth more than sixty grand."  Her mother laughed and went back inside when her phone started to ring.  She rolled her eyes and picked it up.  It was her boss on the other end.

"Oh hello sir how are you?"  She asked with a smile.

"Good Gloria did you get your email?"  He asked, Gloria opened her computer and opened it up.  There was a file for her eyes only.

"You actually put together an auction catolouge for her, I thought you work kidding."  She said.  Auction catolouges were always put together for captured girls.  It had their measurements along with many pictures of them and background information they had gathered.  Gloria had given them access to medical records because she was curious, and she had given them bikini photos, and even a shot of the subject in her lacy bra and panties Gloria had bought her.  She had to make up a story to get that photo.  

"No we weren't.  If you were willing your fee would be very high-"

"My word I thought she would be worth sixty!  But you want to sell her for eighty!  And I get forty!"  She was stunned.  A 50% finders fee for a price that high.  She checked the rest of the catolouge.  Had background information, her GPA, goals and dreams that would be ended.  She wasn't surprised to see it was a closed auction, all the possible customers weren't individuals but wealthy groups instead.

"A gorgeous bright girl that just came of age and as far as we know in premium condition.  Don't be too surprised.  We could have a closed auction with her, unless you would want to pick a place for her."  Her boss replied.

"Why would I do that?"  Gloria replied.

"I figured you might want to choose where she was sold."  Her boss replied.  Gloria rolled her eyes.

"I'm not going to be rude an set boundaries on what someone can do with their property, even my daughter.  If she got sold off she would be merchandise, property, with all the rights that come with it, as in none."  Gloria chuckled.  "I would require footage of the auciton of course."

"So would you be willing to arrange it?"  Her boss asked.  Gloria thought for a moment, she looked over her shoulder to her daughter that was standing up and stretching.  She had the body of a goddess, it would be a huge turn on for her to see her reduced to nothing but an item to be bid on.  She took one last look at the catelouge that featured her daughter and closed it, she felt herself hot under the collar.

"When can you have a pick up team here?"  She whispered as her daughter went inside.

"An hour or so."  Her boss replied.  "Ill send them."

"Okay."  Gloria whispered as he hung up.  She watched Jasmine's hips sway as she walked into her room.  Quickly Gloria went and got her capture duffle bag out of the pantry and went into Jasmine's room.  She was stretching and looking for something to wear.  "Mmmm-Mm!  Can you blame Billy, that body is almost as amazing as mind was when I started hunting?"  Jasmine rolled her eyes.

"I'll never work for Boundoggle."  She replied almost angrily.  With fire in her eyes.  "I want slavery to end.  Not this renewal of it."  Gloria suppressed a laugh.  

"Oh come on tying up a lass can be fun.  I was actually hoping to play a game with you now."  Gloria said smirking.  Jasmine knew that look, and it made her just a bit nervous.

"Excuse me?"  Jasmine replied putting her dark brown hair back into a pony tail.

"I dont really get out of the processing area these days.  So you dont need to be mad at me for hunting these days.  But I do so love bondage, but I have no targets.  I was wondering if you would like to be-"

"The subject of a fantasy of yours."  Jasmine replied annoyed.  "So you can invite Billy over for some foreplay, no thanks."

"No, no Billy."  Gloria said walking into the room with the bag.  "Come on just for an hour.  I wont even annoy you by roleplaying like I'm enslaving you, though that would certain get me ready for Billy."  Jasmine rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.  "You might even like it, I've seen your internet history."  Jasmine suddenly looked embarrassed and bit her lip.  

She composed herself.  "Fine an hour!  And you can even do your role play."  Jasmine said.  Gloria grinned.

"Thank you sweetie."  She walked over to Jasmine and forcibly turned her around and crossed her amrs behind her, taking an armbinder out she forced her arms through, thrusting her chest out.  She ran a hand up her midsection enjoying her lucious skin, she shuddered from excitement.  "By law as an operative of the company Boundoggle I am legally enslaving you as property of boundoggle."  She smiled as her fingers ran up her teenage daughter's silky skin.  She caressed her breasts and smiled as she reached downed and hiked up her bikini bottoms between her cheeks, making her squeak.  Gloria slapped her thigh making her squeal so she slapped it again.  "Silence, you don't speak unless given permission, slave girls dont have rights!"

"Please dont enslave me!  I have a future, I'm graduating soon!"  Gloria forcibly forced Jasmine to turn around, she had to admire her daughter's latin body.  With a shove she pushed Jasmine onto the bed.  Her arms were secured behind her and her position was sexy with her chest jutted out and her stomach was on full display.  Gloria pulled off her flogger off her hip and with a flick of her wrist sent it across her daughter's sexy brown midriff.  "Ahhh!"  Jasmine called out.  Gloria whipped her again.  "Ow stop mom!"

"Stop opening your mouth slave!"  Gloria said viciously.  She sent the flog across Jasmine's stomach again.  She closed her eyes and grunted.  "Good, youre a slave now, dont complain, submit!"  She sent the flog across her stomach again and again as tears started to roll down Jasmine's cheeks and felt as red marks were left on her belly and midsection.  She was also flogged on her thighs and breasts as well though Gloria loved torturing her belly.  Finally after about five minuets Gloria grinned and tossed the flogger down on her bed.  Jasmine sniffed and mouthed 'pleased' her brown belly had become a brownish red from the flogging torture.  "I think its time we secure that little mouth of yours; don't worry youll get to use it a lot during your training."  She patted the teen's thigh.  "Your legs were also kicking during that little flogging, got to secure though heavenly made limbs of yours.  I mean when youre a slave you'll have to endure torture sessions far longer than that."

"It hurts."  Jasmine whined.  "Please let me go, you don't have to enslave me."  Gloria cupped the young latina's chin and firmly gripped it.

"Shut your mouth slave.  Do you want me to arrange to have you sold to a pain brothel?"  She slapped her cheek. She then took a pair of belts and tightly forced her daughter's ankles together then laid another layer of security by wrapping duct tape around the belts.  She then did the same to her knees as she felt up Jasmine's shapely and athletic thighs.  She then flipped Jasmine over on her stomach and popped her rear end.

"Mom!"  Jasmine grunted.  Gloria leaned forward and grabbed her bound daughter's ponytail and yanked back, making Jasmine gasp as her other hand felt her shapely rear and slapped it again.  

"I thought I told you a slave doesn't speak without permission.  Do you not understand that you have no rights at all.  You arent a person anymore sweetie, youre material, property to be sold for profit."  She pulled out a red ball gag.  "Open your mouth!"  She ordered harshly.  Jasmine's heart was beating fast and she was honestly a bit scared at this point.  She meekly opened her mouth and Gloria roughly forced the gag into her mouth.  It was smaller than a usual ballgag and it allowed her teeth to mostly close around her gag, which meant there would be less mouth soreness.  She then rolled her over and straddled her hips.  Her belly was still tender from the flogging.  "Now for some entertainment."  Gloria said wiggling her fingers on the teen's sexy tummy.  

"Mppph-nooopmhh-ahhhahahahanompa-hahaph!"  Jasmine cried into her gag.  She tried to squirm back and forth.  "Hahahahmph-plepmha-haha!" Her body was already covered in a sheen of sweat.  

"Yeah squirm slave."  Gloria smiled evilly.  Her hard nails were torturous on Jasmine's tender belly.  She dug into her midriff, then she circled her belly and counted her ribs.  Jasmine bucked and squirmed.  "A rebellious little slave."  Gloria smiled smacking her belly a couple of times, soliciting a moan out of Jasmine.  She then had one had tickle her navel while another attacked her thighs.

"Hahahmph-ples-hahahapmh-plesthahahahap!"  Her brown silky skin convulsed from the ticklishness as her toned sexy body continued to squirm.  Gloria then brought all then fingers back to focus on her midsection.  Four a half hour Gloria continued to tickle torture the gorgeous latina, enjoying her squirms.  However as Jasmibe became drenched in sweat Gloria realized she had to wrap up.  She only had around twenty minuets until the pick up team would come to officially enslave her daughter.  She chuckled.

"Oh you poor dumb girl."  Gloria said leaning forward caressing Jasmine's cheek.  Jasmine raised an eyebrow, everyone knew she was extremely smart.  She tried to squirm a bit as her mother groped her breasts.  "I'm getting a lot of money for you."  She said with a smile.

"Huhmph!"  Jasmine muttered into her gag.  She squirmed, getting tired.  She gasped as Gloria slapped her across the face.

"You think I'm doing this for fun."  Gloria chuckled.  "Well I am actually."  Gloria said felling up Jasmine's midsection, along with her ass and thighs.  "Youre so gullible.  I'm doing this write after you become vulnerable to enslavement."  Jasmine's chest rose and fell as she started to breath faster.  "Boundoggle put together a catelouge for you."  Jasmine's eyes went wide, she knew what that was, and what it meant.  "They made me an offer."  Gloria grinned as she push down on Jasmine's diaphragm as hard as she could causing her to moan and gasp.  "Forty-thousand dollars.  And all I had to do what enslave this goddess of a body!"  She said slapping her daughter's thigh, leaving it stinging.  Jasmine started babbaling into her gag, begging her mother to tell her it wasn't true.  She started to sob as she was slapped across the face again.  "Oh shut up if it wasnt for me you would of been enslaved the moment they could of.  Why should you be any different, safe at your summer job while you had to watch poor Luisa stripped and dragged off before your eyes, all the while her employee tag for the store was mocked by my agents."

"Pleessmph!"  Jasmine begged.

"Yes my agents."  Gloria replied chuckling.  "You and Luisa were friends for life.  I got to watch her blossom.  I knew her shapely body, thin waist, and raven hair and bronzed skin would make the company thousands.  So I sent agents to collect her.  She begged me, in both english and spanish, when she was brought in and strung up for breaking.  She thought I was there to save her.  You should of seen her balling when I told her it was me who ensured her enslavement."  Jasmine now had streams of tears rolling down her face.  "Do you know who actually bought her?  I figured some rich guy would win the bidding, maybe even a famous athlete, some were at her auction, and some put in bids.  But it was actually that pain-club in the city; the Screaming Senorita."  Gloria chuckled.  "And guess who is on the invite list for your own exclusive auction!  You should feel honored truly."  Gloria said slapping her side.  "Though I underestimated how much of an abolitionist it would make you."

"Well this is an interesting sight."  A man said.  Gloria turned around.  It was her boyfriend Billy.  His eyes were inquisitive as he walked over and saw Jasmine in her skimpy bikini.  "What's this."  He said with a grin as Jasmine shook her head violently.

"Well Billy our boss offered forty grand, and all I had to do was enslave my own daughter."

"No way!"  Billy said with a chuckle.

"Yep, poor girl didn't know the legal weight of me saying I was enslaving her.  Thought it was role play."

"She fell for it?"

"Oh yeah she thought I was going to keep protection for my daughter's in place."  Gloria slapped Jasmine as she squirmed and yelled as Billy sat down and started to massage her midsection.  "How dare you hush!  You have been rude to William so many times.  Billy please, enjoy."

"Oh I will."  He said as Jasmine sobbed as Billy felt up her toned and sore stomach.  "You flogged her?"

"Yep."  Gloria chuckled.  "Again she thought it was all roleplay.  Couldn't imagine I would really enslave her.  A lot of money.  Hell in a couple of years I could do this all again with Ella.  Maybe even get some more money than Jas here."  Jasmine moaned as Gloria joked about enslaving her little sister.  "Oh quiet."  Jasmine just sobbed as her chest was groped and Billy ruffled her hair.

"Oh quiet you bi-  Sorry."  Billy said flipping Jasmine over.

"Oh no it is fine, she has been very rude to you in the past."

"Yeah.  Always got mad at me about joking about enslaving you.  Well look at the situation now Jasmine."  He said grabbing her hair and squeezing her rear end and massaging it.  "Oh you got a body don't you.  I'm going to make sure I get t help train you."  Jasmine tried to squirm which just made it worse.

"Oh yeah I told her about Luisa.  Tell her your role."  Gloria said chuckling.

Jasmine sobbed as her body was groped.  "Oh yeah I trained that latina beauty.  Got her real submissive.  Then she got bought by that club.  Screaming Senorita right?  Yeah got to visit her at the club last week actually.  I guess no matter how much you experience it thirty minuets with a whip and candles will still get some screams."  

"Maybe you'll see her soon Jasmine.  Isn't that what you wanted with all your abolitionist idiocy!"  Gloria said as she was pulled into Billy's lap.

"Get some first hand experience now."  Billy said as he enjoyed her midriff and the rest of her body.  Soon a trio of men came in.

"Ah there she is.  Maam."  He said with a tip of the hat.  

"Take her away Hallow."  Gloria said with a smile.

"Yes maam."  He said as Billy popped Jasmine's bottom as Hallow tossed the girl onto his shoulder.  She groaned as her sexy stomach landed on his shoulder.  He enjoyed the feeling of her warm flesh.  Her felt up her thighs and rear as he walked out as she pleaded into her gag to be spared enslavement.  "Come now slave ou have already been officially enslaved.  We will finish filling out your enslavement forms at the training base."  Gloria just smiled as watched her dau- no the latest piece of aquired merchandise leave her house and secured in the back of a boundoggle trunk.  It wouldn't be a comfortable ride.

Later that day the man continued.  "You will find forty grand in your account by tomorrow.  Also you deserve a raise for this sacerfice."  

"Thank you but it wasnt that hard."  Gloria said to her boss with a smile.  They looked outside the one way mirror.  There Jasmine hung, the balls of her feet barely touching the ground.  Her body was exhausted from the strain.  She had hung there for six hours, her eyes were dry and she had stopped struggling.

"Still thank you."  He turned to Billy.  "Shall we begin her training?"

"Yes sir."  The three then walked out.  Jasmine's eyes became wide in her bondage.  She still wore her skimpy bikini as shivered from the sudden cold of being sprayed with an icy hose.  

"Hello sweetie."  Gloria said with a smile.  Jasmine was stunned.  She moaned as her body was examined.  

"Lets change that gag."  Billy muttered unfastening her gag."

"Mother please!  Stop I'm your daughter!  You can talk to them ple-"  Her pleads were cut off as an oring gag was forced into her mouth.  The wench holding her up was lowered as her calves and ankles were shackled to the hard floor.

"Lets get your training started."  William said as he took off his belt.

"Have fun dear, I'm going to wrap everything up with the boss."  He nodded as Gloria started to speak to her boss.  "Well sure thank you for this opportunity.  To our future success."

"Yes indeed."  Her boss replied as choked gurgling sobs filled the room.  "Her training should take two weeks or so.  I'll invite you to the auction."

Gloria grinned, looking at her daughter out of the corner of her eye almost choking and pleading with her eyes.  "Oh Ill be there.  And I think we should make a wager pool on who buys here.  There are a couple of early favorites I hear."

"Oh yes of course."
Mother and Daughter
Disclaimer this is fantasy, I hate real life violence and humiliation in anyway, this is pure fiction, all characters are 18+

Boundoggle has a great employee, who happens to have a beautiful daughter.  They make a business offer


United States
Wow I just checked, 42000 page views and over 100 watchers.  Crazy.  Well you guys deserve something.  I cant promise you when it will get done but lets have a vote.  Comment whether you want a 

Vore Story
Abduction Story
Or a mix of Both

Once that is decided Ill ask for recommendations and I try to type something out.  

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