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Rebecca was a beautiful girl just out of High School.  Her parents were from India and she was planning to go to a college in Ohio.  But now she found herself in the everglades.  She pushed herself through the thick underbrush of the south Florida everglades.  She was here on vacation and had decided to see the sights and get some exercise.  She put on a pair of short-shorts and a bikini and went out for a walk.  It was rather hot out but the area was very pretty.  The sun was getting low in the sky now and she had to head back.  She was worried that she wouldn't make it back in time.  She took out a map and looked at it.  

"Looks like this trail up ahead will get me back to the parking lot faster."  She muttered looking at the small map.  She found the trail, it cut through a thick forest covered in brush and marsh.  She started to hike through it as the sun got lower and lower.  The trees locked even more light and it became hard to see along the trail.  

She let out a scream as she twisted her ankle and tumbled down a small slope.  Her legs landed in the muddy water and she had to struggle to get up as the brush scratched her bare back and midsection along with most of her legs.  She limped along but was disoriented and struggled to find the trail.  She pushed branches out of her way and walked through knee deep water and mud.  Finally she came to an area where the woods thinned out a bit.  She had a weird sense that she was being watched and followed.  She looked around but couldn't find the trail.  She was getting worried now, it was getting darker and darker.  In a hour or two it would be dark and she didn't want to spend the night in the everglades.

She kept walking, trying to find any trail, or someone who could help her.  She still felt as though someone was following her.  She heard slithering when she reached a clearing.  She froze in her tracks with her hands on her hips and saw the tail of a large anaconda.  She heard the snake hiss as it rose above her, flicking its tongue, getting a hit of her delicious taste.  

She knew that the snake was going to devourer her.  She tried to run but before she could even take a step the snake struck with lightning fast speed and wrapped itself around her legs, making her fall.  It wrapped coils around her knees, thighs, waist, and arms pinning them above her head.  

"HEL-"  She tried calling for help but was silenced as a scaly coil wrapped around her mouth, gagging her.  The coils around her smooth and toned midsection squeezed and it became hard to breathe.  This went on for a few minuets as she was squeezed into submission by a 20 foot anaconda.  She screamed into her reptilian gag as she felt as though her ribs might break and nearly blacked out before the anaconda stopped squeezing her.  

The coils around her ankles and knees were as snake lowered its head.  It licked her belly tasting her.  This made Rebecca involuntarily giggle.  But as the snake went down to her ankles she started to whimper.  The snake opened its mouth and unhinged its jaws.  She felt tears sting her eyes and run down her cheeks as the snake took in her feet.  She felt the saliva coat her feet and ankles as the snake slid up to her calves.

She tried to squirm away but the snake just squeezed her until she nearly lost consciousness.  Her ribs were bruised and she let out a cry.  The coil around her mouth made it only come out as a low moan.  The snake seemed to enjoy her taste as in moved up her calves and up to her knees.  Her delicate feet entered the snake's slimy throat.  

"Oh my god!" She thought.  "I'm going to be snake food.  That's all I am, food."  She felt tears roll down her cheeks as the snake moved up her toned thighs and got to the bottom of her short shorts.  They were soak in saliva as the snake swallowed her shapely bottom and reached her midsection.  By now her legs were in the hot humid and slimy throat of the snake.  The snake slowly moved up her midsection, it seemed to enjoy her taste as it wrapped its long tongue around her and licked her belly.  Her belly was coated in saliva.

This tickled her and she squirmed.  This unfortunately for her ran her stomach and sides against the snake's razor sharp teeth.  She gasped as the teeth cut into her skin.  The snake ignored this and continued to lick her belly before moving on to her bruised ribs.  She tried to shake her head 'no' but the coil around her head only let her move a view inches.  She moaned as her ribs, and then breasts, were covered in saliva and devoured.  

She continued to whimper as the anaconda slowly moved its jaws over her neck.  She felt its hot breath on her face and saw the teeth- those sharp teeth, and that maw.  She saw it as her chin, then nose, then her entire face was brought into its maw.  She squirmed inside her tight coffin but was unsuccessful in even making the snake uncomfortable.  Her hair and arms was slurped up.

Finally the snake closed its jaws over her hands.  The poor, young girl had been devoured by the woman-eating snake.  Her silhouette could be seen, bulging in the snake's stomach as she slid towards the stomach- and her demise.  

She landed in the stomach with a plop.  The smell was putrid and it was a tight squeeze.  Her cuts on her belly and sides still stung and she whimper as she realized that she was about to be digested.  She started to feel a burning sensation as digestive acids is coated onto her body.  She squirmed, trying to escape her tight coffin.  But she knows she is doomed.  The burning gets intense, especially on her midsection where her cuts feel like they are on fire.  In fact as the burning gets more intense her entire body starts to feel on fire.

"Help!"  She cries.  "Help!"  But only a muffle escapes the snake.  Her body convulses as she tries to escape her burning agony.  It goes on and on as her skin is slowly dissolved away.  She cries as she realizes that her destiny is to become nutrients for this snake.  A piece of meat, nothing else.  Her body is slowly dissolved and she cries and moans throughout the night as the snake makes it way back to its den to enjoy its beautiful, digesting meal.

Over the course of the next day the burning becomes even worse as her skin is dissolved and her muscles is turned into nutrients.  

"Please!  Someone help me!"  She screams.  But she knows its to late.  Her body feels as though it is consumed in a white hot flame and by the end of the second day she is to weak to squirm anymore.  She cries as she feels that acid and stomach muscle knead and churn her body.  She screams only to get acid in her mouth, burning her lungs and making her cough.  She convulses as she struggles to take in more of the putrid air.  She only takes in more acid.  She continues to cough trying to get air for her burning body.  Finally with the darkness closing in around her she closes her eyes and painlessly drifts away.

Her body is churned for the next week.  The anaconda that feasted on her comes from a long line of woman-eating serpents that use to hunt the prettiest of the Seminole tribe's females.  Now it hunts the swamps of the everglades, looking for its latest victims.  Rebecca give the snake enough energy to live for months.  Her 'remains' exit the serpent king a few weeks later.  All that is left is some hair and a gold necklace that Rebecca was wearing.  

This was far from the snakes first meal.  And it would be far from the last.   
Rebecca was just a young sweet girl on vacation. However it turns out that she becomes the latest in a long line of girls devoured and slowly digested by the "Serpent of the Swamp". This poor young girl becomes food.

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