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Sarah was a teenage girl who was just out of high school.  She smiled as she walked through the walls of the small community center.  Her graduating class was holding a summer party to celebrate their transition into the adult world.  Sarah was of chinese descent and wore a very nice and form fitting, little black dress.  She had been having fun dancing and singing with her friends.  Now she was heading out of the main room to use the restroom.  On her way out of the stall she ran into one of her teachers.  Mrs. Anderson was in her mid forties and use to be a blond bombshell, in fact, she was still fairly pretty, but she had put on some weight and was obviously older.

"Hi Mrs. Anderson."  Sarah said brushing the hair out of her face.

"Hi Sarah."  Her biology teacher replied.  "I like your dress."  Sarah blushed a bit as Mrs. Anderson admired her form, her dress didn't even make it halfway to her knee.

"Thank you maam."  Sarah said replying.  Mrs Anderson looked around and asked if they were alone.

"I think."  Sarah replied puzzled.  "Why?"

"I have a proposal."  Mrs. Anderson replied.  She went on to explain that she needed a girl for a photoshoot.  She would like to use Sarah.  Sarah would be tied up in various positions and in certain perilous scenarios.  Sarah blushed as she listened to the proposal.  "So, are you up for it?"  Sarah looked at her teacher for a minuet before slowly nodding.

"Sure- Mrs. Anderson, sounds like fun."  Mrs. Anderson grinned from ear to ear.  "That's great Sarah, please follow me."

"Right now?"  Sarah asked surprised.  Mrs. Anderson nodded.  They walked out of the building and into the woods that bordered the party.  "Its a little ways in."  Mrs. Anderson said over her shoulder.  They walked for what seemed to be close to an hour, it was humid and Sarah had to wipe sweat from her brow.  Her feet hurt from walking in heels and she groaned as they went off trail.  A few minuets later they came to a clearing with a small campfire and a tent.  There were a couple of boxes, one of which was covered with a tarp.  

"Could you change into these please."  Mrs. Anderson said pointing to a pair of dark blue bikini.  Mrs. Anderson gave her some privacy as Sarah changed into the blue bikini.  It wasn't the smallest in the world, but Sarah enjoyed how she looked in a mirror.  It only snapped onto her back.  The bottom piece was your average piece of swimwear.  Her legs and midsection was exposed to the warm air along with her arms and shoulders.  

Mrs. Anderson comes back and smiles as she sees the young gorgeous woman.  She grinned and beckoned Sarah over.  She had roped.  For the next hour Sarah was hogtied, spread eagle on bamboo sticks and mummified in rope.  

"I'm going to have some fun."  Mrs. Anderson said.  Sarah was tied with her wrists and elbows tied together above her head, and her knees and ankles tied firmly together.  She had six strips of duct tape plastered on her lips.  She squirmed a bit for the camera, Mrs. Anderson had a video camera rolling while she also took pictures.  However she set the camera down and sat by Sarah and stroked her hair.

"I appreciate you helping me with this little shoot.  But I'm going to have some fun real quick."  She took her hands with her long nails and ran it down Sarah's soft and smooth belly.  Sarah jumped and laughed into her gag. Mrs. Anderson grinned evilly as she spider tickled Sarah.  Sarah rolled back and forth as her ticklish tummy was spider tickled.  She squirmed and begged into he gag.

"I love how her belly convulses at the touch."  Mrs. Anderson says mockingly.  Sarah shakes her head as her dark brown hair becomes a mess.  She begs and pleads into her gag but Mrs. Anderson ignores them and tickles her belly to fast and hard that her belly becomes red.  Mrs. Anderson straddles Sarah's hips as her small finger dug into Sarah's navel.  Sarah bucked and squirmed as Mrs. Anderson's used her other hand to rub her nails along Sarah ribs.

Sarah had tears coming running down her cheeks as Mrs. Anderson sat on her hips and used one hand to tickle her her creamy thighs and her sexy midsection.  Sarah tried to suck air through her nose but found it hard to get enough air.  Her inner thighs were tickled and no matter how much she squirmed she couldn't get away.  Her biology teacher then pulled back and tickled her soles and the top of Sarah's feet.  She shook her head as the bikini clad girl was tickled tortured for an hour.

Mrs. Anderson went back to her belly and blew a raspberry into her tummy making Sarah arch her back.  She then ran her tongue all over Sarah's belly as her nails dug into the poor girl's sides and ribs.  Finally after ninety minuets the duct tape was removed from her mouth.  She was given water as Mrs.  Anderson looked at her and smiled.

"When still have a couple of more photo shoots."  Mrs. Anderson.

"Ugh."  Sarah said gasping for air.  "That was unfair."  Sarah squealed as Mrs. Anderson squeezed her sides again.  "Ah-ok-ahahahaha-stahahap-it!"  Mrs. Anderson nodded and stood up.  She walked over to the camp fire and tended the flames and made them a bit better.  She stood Sarah up.

"Follow my directions okay."  Sarah nodded.  "Hop over here."  Mrs. Anderson said.  Sarah did as she was told and she hopped over to a bar.  Her arms were still above her head and her arms were attached to the bar.  It was horizontal but once her arms were attached her legs were as easy and lifting up her legs and securing them to the bar.  

"What are we doing?"  Sarah asked.

"Don't worry you'll be safe.  We got to warm you up a bit."  With Sarah now firmly secured to the spit she was rolled over the fire.

"What are you doing, no!"  Sarah said panicking as she looked down and saw nothing but embers and flames.  Her stomach hung a bit lower and she felt the roaring heat wash over her body.  The heat was intense and she took deep breath and felt the hot air enter her lungs.  

"Don't worry you secured well.  You'll be fine, just keep that damsel in distress look for the camera!"  Sarah didn't have any trouble with that.  Her chest rose and fell quickly as sweat formed on her body and trickled down her body in a slow, ticklish trickle.  The heat wasn't to bad.  Her body did burn a bit from the heat.  Mrs. Anderson walked over with a sway in her hips and smiled at the camera as she slowly turned the spit.  Sarah's front got a break as she was turned on the spit.  This continued for about thirty minuets.

"Mrs. Anderson, can we please stop now, its starting to really hurt."  Sarah said whimpering over the fire.  Mrs. Anderson watched as her lovely captive hung above the fire, the embers floating up into the clear night sky.  

"Just a few more minuets dear."  She said.  She walked over to the camera and whispered into the camera.  "We need to make sure she's cooked thoroughly for the guest of honor."  She then walked over and spun Sarah a few more times.  Her skin was very hot and she was sweating profusely.  She whimpered until she was rolled off the fire and she was unattached from the spit.  Her arms and legs were still bound, but at least now she wasn't over a fire.  

She laid on the cool ground and took deep breaths.  Mrs. Anderson watched the young girl's breasts rose and fell as sweat covered her body.  Her bound body was tired as she looked around wondering if they were finally done.

Mrs. Anderson meanwhile, turned to the camera.  "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the main even!"  Sarah raised an eyebrow in and wondered what she meant by that.  Her biology teacher took the tarp and pulled it off the box.    She then unlocked the box and watched as the four sides of the wooden box fell to the ground.  What was there was what looked like a giant Venus Fly trap.  It had four long thick vines.  It had many tiny thorns on it.  It had a thin stem that supported its massive head.

"Now viewers, enjoy as young and sweet is eaten by this monstrous plant!"  Sarah raised an eyebrow.

"Eat me.  Like you now, the sexual way.  Mrs Anderson I don't think so!  I'm a virg-"  Mrs. Anderson let out a cackle.

"Oh poor, poor, naive Sarah.  I tricked you.  This photoshoot is for our vore fans.  They're going to watch as your devoured as a simple, yet divine, piece of meat by Charles our girl-eating plant!"  Sarah's eyes widened in fear and horror.  She whimpered as the monstrosity opened its mouth, she saw a giant maw, a maw that wanted to taste her.

"No!  Mrs. Anderson please!  Don't do this!"  Sarah pleaded as she tried to escape her bondage.  She didn't even get close to escaping though as the bonds around her wrists, elbows, knees and ankles stood fast and she felt tears running down her cheeks.

"I love it when they beg."  Mrs. Anderson said looking at the camera.  "Amazing really.  Fourth young girl I've taken from the high school and turned into food, and they're still none the wiser."  

Sarah started to hyperventilate as the vines started to move towards her.  The strong thick vines added to the rope as her calves and thighs were binned.  "Please!"  Sarah begged crying.  "Please!  I'll do anything!  I'll be your slave!  I'll do anything."  

"Such a tempting offer,"  Mrs. Anderson said sarcasticly, "but somehow I'll stick with watching you get devoured and digested."  

"No someone help me!  Please they feeding me to-"  Her cries for cut off by a vine that bounded her waist also wrapped around her mouth, gagging her.  She cried and pleaded into her gag, she was grateful that the small thorns weren't being dug into her skin but she shook as she was picked up and was raised towards the creature's maw.  She saw the inside of the creature's large mouth.  It had a large slimy tongue, short, sharp teeth ringed its mouth and saliva fell from the top of its mouth.  

She gasped as she felt the tongue wrapped around her hands.  The plant loved the young girl's taste as she squirmed in the vines.  The tongue licked her upper arms and hands as the plant sucked in her flavor.  She screamed and pleaded into the vine as her arms began to be slurped up.  She felt her arms being coated in sticky, warm saliva.

"Looks like Charles like Chinese food, wouldn't you say viewers?"   She chuckles as Sarah's upper arms slurped up and her head got close to the monsters mouth.  The smell was a sickly sweet smell than made her want to gag.  She tried to squirm away as her face was licked, 1,2,3,4 times before her head was wrapped out with a tongue that assaulted her face.  The vine around her mouth was removed but she couldn't open her mouth for fear of getting saliva in her mouth.  Her hair was soaked with saliva and was plastered around the creatures mouth.  

Her long, dark brown hair was sucked in as the bikini clad girl was pulled in deeper.  Her breasts and upper back was tasted by the large, slimy tongue.  Her toned sexy midsection was sucked into the maws.  The tongue ran up and down her belly, midriff and ribs.  Sarah was forced to laugh once again as she squirmed in the maw.  The tongue wrapped around her back and stomach.  She went up and down tasting her as she continued to squirm.  The sharp teeth ran along her belly, it didn't cut her but it did terrify poor Sarah.  The strong tongue wrapped around her midsection and squeezed Sarah.  Like an anaconda it squeezed her as it wrapped her body.  

The plant loved her creamy taste.  She was one of the best tasting girls it had ever devoured.  Finally the plant swallowed more of Sarah allowing the plant to taste her creamy smooth thighs.  Her thighs were coated in saliva as the remaining vines were removed.  She kicked her legs in the air but it was pointless.  Her legs were tied together and even if they weren't it wouldn't change anything.  She was the plant's next meal and that was all she was.  More of her legs was brought into the maw.  Her lower thighs and calves were brought in, leaving her slim ankles hanging out in the cool air.  

Inside the mouth of the monstrosity Sarah's arms and head was being forced into the plant's slimy throat.  It was tight and slippery.  Then her small feet were brought in and the plant closed its mouth.  Sarah had been devoured, a simple piece of meat.  Not a young girl, just food.  She squirmed as her midsection was forced into the 'throat' of the creature but in actuality it was the steam of the plant.  With a final swallow the young teenager was sent down the stem of the plant.  She squirm and cried out as the barely clothed girl was forced down the tight steam.

Sarah cried out as she felt the tight stem press onto her body.  She made a silhouette in the stem that could be seen as she was slowly sent down to the plant's stomach to be slowly digested.  She wriggled and squirmed in the stem, trying desperately to break out of the plant.  Outside of the plant Mrs. Anderson placed her hand on the steam and grinned as she felt Sarah's silhouette travel under her hand.  She turned grinning to the camera.

"Now let us set up the  camera so we can enjoy watching her moans and squirms while she is slowly and agonizingly digested."  She then took the tripod and set it down.  Back in the plant, Sarah groaned as the stem made the shape of a 'U'.  Her body was forced to bend as she was sent back upright.  She looked up and saw a fleshy flap open up as her body was forced into a small pod.  The flap closed once her feet made it past the flap.  The body was tight and pushed against her body.  She took deep breaths as she waited for what was next.

It was almost dawn now and the bikini clad girl squirmed.  She was stretched out in the pod and she squirmed but found she couldn't escape.  She saw that some liquid was being excreted onto her.  In less than a minuet her entire body was covered in the clear liquid.  He gasped as she felt a small tingle.  It quickly grew more intense.

"Oh god!"  Sarah screamed panicking and squirming.  "I'm going to be digested alive."  She squirmed which only increased the intensity of the acids that were released.  She gasped in pain as her body was consumed in a burning sensation.  The smell was putrid and she wanted to gag.  She closed her eyes to keep acid out of them.  However the rest of her body wasn't so lucky.  Most of her skin was exposed and they got the brunt of the acids.

Her midsection felt like it was on fire.  He moaned in pain as she felt her skin being tenderized before it was dissolved.  Her thighs and calves were in pain.  Tears ran from her eyes but did nothing for her burning face.  Her scalp was on fire as acid ran through her hair and made her hair slick.  She squirmed as tried to move her arms to wipe the acid off her succulent and tender body.  Her body was on fire.  She opened her eyes for a brief second and realized that the early morning light was filtering into the plant.  

"Please let me out!  Please it burns!"  She yelled out pleading,  She could be barely heard outside and Mrs. Anderson smiled as she heard the poor young teen being dissolved.  She had set up a tent so she could spend the next couple of days watching Sarah digest.  As the day went on she enjoyed hearing Sarah's cries of agony from the digestion pod.

Inside the pod Sarah was in excruciating pain.  It was halfway through the day and she felt her top layer of skin being dissolved away.  The plant loved the feeling of the digesting girl's squirms.  The plant was bioengineered and its digestive acids actually doubled as taste buds.  As Sarah was turned into nothing more than nutrients the plant was actually tasting every inch of her succulent body.

Sarah let out a cry of agony as she tried to escape.  It felt as though she was in a liquid white fire.  Her stomach felt as though someone was taking sandpaper to it.  Her body convulsed in pain and she cried as she realized that her fate was to be nothing more than food.  The hours went by agonizingly slowly.  Sarah wanted it to end but it didn't.  She felt the skin on her abdomen dissolving and her calve muscles were being kneaded and getting turned into a soupy substance.  

"Please it hurts!"  She yelled.  She coughed as she got some acid in her mouth.  She convulsed again.  The tips of her fingers had gone numb as the nerves and muscle was dissolved.  Her clothes -the little she had on- were being slowly broken down.  As the day went on it got worse as the skin was dissolved from her midsection and then her thighs.  The pain intensified even more.  She squirmed desperately but only made the acids stronger.  By the time that dusk and night rolled around most of her skin had been dissolved.  The plant loved Sarah's taste and was getting so much energy from the girl.

That night Sarah couldn't fall asleep.  Her abdomen muscle was on fire as the muscle was dissolved into protein for the plant.  Her skin was turned into soupy enzymes to keep the plant healthy.  Mrs. Anderson smiled as she read a book by the fire while listening to Sarah's moans.  Over the course of the night the putrid smell got worse as she felt the stomach juices seep through her muscles.  Her skin had been dissolved over the course of the night.  

By now Sarah was resigned to her fate.  She cried as her body was dissolved.  She knew there would be nothing left of her.  All she was was energy and nutrients.  Her hair however wasn't digestible.  Her body was a treasure trove of nutrients and energy.  She was in agony during digestion.  By the afternoon her ribs were exposed and being dissolved.  She wasn't even able to squirm anymore and her abdomen muscle had been dissolved.  The pain climaxed and then all of it went to way.  She closed her eyes and painlessly drifted away to a land of butterflies.  

Mrs. Anderson smiled as she realized that Sarah was finally gone.  She stood up and stroked the shrinking silhouette of the poor teen girl.  Over the course of the week her body would be kneaded and nothing but some hair would be left.  Unlike animals there was no excrement, the plant used all the energy from Sarah to grow bigger and stronger.  Mrs. Anderson called her contacts and packed up.  All that was left of Sarah was some hair that the plant regurgitated.  She spotted Sarah's tiny black dress.  She went over picked it up and rubbed it against her face.

"Oh nice."  She said smiling.  "I think I'll keep this.  Thank you Sarah.  The video I made of you demise will fetch my company thousands."  And with that she walked out of the forest as a truck transported her pet plant.  The authorities never did figure out what happened to Sarah.  
Poor Sarah was eaten and slowly digested by a girl-eating plant. I thank girlvore4 for letting me use her as a character and working with me to help lay out the scenario.

Girlvore4's page [link]
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thelandcruzer Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015
I think Girlvore4's page has been deactivated.
thelandcruzer Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015
A very good story. the attention to details is allsome! Now I have to rethink some of my story's.
californasun Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2015
Thank you, Im glad you enjoyed it, hope you read and comment on some of my other stories.  And yes the account isnt around anymore, but was fun wile it lasted.
MamayAdesu Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015
Nice story! What about her skeleton?
californasun Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
That too was dissolved
SALT--WATER Featured By Owner Edited Jun 11, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Not a bad  story Truly is horrifying. the slow death is something to remember Sinister Nod . (but question,If she shows that video wont that be risking showing what she did to her?)
californasun Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015
I figured that video would only be given to a few rich clients who love to see some poor girls vored
SALT--WATER Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I see  Serious Nod , well they better hope they stay in the right hands then.(for there sake)
californasun Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Im sure the company will make sure thier clientel is very secure :D
SALT--WATER Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Woo hoo!! Alright then its an endless conspiracy  CURSE YOU! !!
Game-and-Watching Featured By Owner May 8, 2015
I would just use a fire based attack (PK Fire, fire dragon roar/fist, falcon punch) to either, 
A) burn the ropes
B) burn the plant
C) burn Mrs. Anderson
D) all of the above.
sweetladyamy Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I would rather be swallowed by a plant, like what happens to Sarah here.
Emerald1000 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015
Jesus that was brutal!

and her drifting of to a land of butterflies just makes it 3x worse

But very well done story.
pray4doom Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015
This is absolutely fantastic! Love reading how long the digestion took and how much pain she was in, and also the pleasure of ms Anderson as she smiled reading her book as she listened to the teen screaming from within the plant. Fanastic stuff, please do more! 😀
californasun Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015
Thank you, I hope you check out and comment on my other stories.  Almost all of my other stories involve very long digestion scenes
Redpod Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
chewyyy Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014
LOVE Chinese food, especially when eaten slow. Nice description of poor Sarah's slow dissolution.
damselnlace Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
I love big plants
HarryPotterTheThird Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*awkward laugh* I love the fact that the digestion is long and described well...(I have an obsession with that kind of thing...I even admit that I imagine being in the prey's position, except that the digestion is painless--but still long xD)
californasun Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013
Glad you enjoyed it :D , almost all my stories have long digestion scenes :D
regalamiunastella Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013
I usually am not interested in reading stories, but this attracted my attention, and I have to say that I love it. In particular I love how you describe her being digested alive.
californasun Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013
Thank you.  I try to write detailed and interesting digestion scenes since they seemed to be left out alot.  If you like those scenes my stories "Feasting on Indian in the Swamp" and "Maria" stories feature lengthy digestion scenes.

Glad you liked it :D
Redpod Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice sotrye j a:>9
Jaws976 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
Great job! Very hot story, love the slow hard digestion, poor Sarah, but her demise brought enjoyment to many :D
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Oh yea. I love it!! :) Thanks again! :P
californasun Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Thank you :D
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